Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Phil Interviews The Anthony’s - Part 1 Recap

Dr. Phil asks them if they think Casey was responsible for Caylee’s death. George says he saw her with Casey last, so as far as he is concerned one and one is two. Casey was close to brother Lee and they were involved parents. Casey has told a lot of lies throughout the ordeal. He asks them, as they look back, were there any warning signs. Cindy says after Caylee was born she saw changes in Casey and now looking back she thinks she may have had post partum depression. She hid the pregnancy for 5 months and no one knows why. George says early 2007 he noticed she was lying more, and there was money missing. Nov 2005 to June 2006 George moved out, they were close to divorce at the time, he was gambling and leading a different life. He lost about $30,000. He comes back in 2006 to reconcile and there was a change in Casey. Casey didn’t want George to come back, she felt he was kicking her and Caylee out.

Dr. Phil asks Cindy, when she heard the defense say that George was involved in events after the death of Caylee, did she think he had anything to do with it. Cindy says George would never have put the family through the ordeal of not knowing where Caylee was if he knew. Dr. Phil says Cindy is always making excuses for people, and asks if he excuses the lies Casey has told. She says not at all. He asks if they feel they got suckered for two years when she said she was working at Universal and she wasn‘t, and she was stealing gas and money for two years? Dr. Phil wants to know why she lied about her job and what was she doing, didn’t they realize something was wrong. She used their credit card. Cindy had faith in her and didn’t question her. She didn’t want to third degree her. Casey came up with great excuses. He asks if they realized something was wrong when the lies were out of control. In the spring of 2008 Cindy wanted to get repaid and she was afraid that if she pressed Casey for the money she would take Caylee away from her. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Casey took money from Cindy’s mother. Cindy told Casey she had to straighten up.

Casey called her mother 6 times in 4 minutes and they weren’t suspicious. Cindy said she knew something was going on. But Casey never asked for help. Meanwhle they went 31 days without seeing Caylee. They saw her daily and then no contact for 31 days and knowing how much she lies Dr Phil wants to know why they believe all her excuses. Zanny the nanny doesn’t exist, they don’t know her friends, they don’t know her boyfriend, her car is impounded, they pick it up and it smells like a dead body and they febreeze the car and go to work. They never contacted authorities.

Dr. Phil wanted to know how they could miss such huge warning signs. Cindy says that Casey talked about Zanny since spring of 2006, so the name wasn‘t new to them. Cindy says she, herself, was the primary caregiver and then she suddenly doesn’t see her for 31 days. Dr. Phil says all the more reason to suspect something is wrong. Cindy said she never knew she lied about the job and Zanny for 2 years. Casey constructed an elaborate, detailed menagerie of lies. If they suspected something was wrong with Caylee, they would have called for help immediately. The whole time she says Caylee is with Zanny she is playing them for a fool. George is a cop and Dr. Phil is amazed he didn’t investigate any of the suspicious events in her life. Dr. Phil says he is a new grandparent and can’t imagine not hearing his grand daughter in the background when talking to his son. And Cindy says that’s why on July 3rd she drove down to see Casey and Caylee. Cindy wrote on FB, Caylee was missing from her life due to jealousy of the one person who should be grateful for all the love Caylee is being given. Cindy thought Casey was keeping Caylee away from them out of spite. Another lie, Casey’s car turns up and still they don’t ask questions. George recognizes the odor of car. He was thankful he didn’t see the daughter or granddaughter in the trunk. Dr. Phil asks George if he thinks Caylee was in the trunk. He says parts of him does believe it. Cindy said she had to be transported to the woods so maybe the car was used. Cindy finally calls 911 for her 3 year old grand daughter who is missing for a month. She wanted the police to compel her daughter to produced Caylee. Cindy overhears Casey and Lee talking, and Cindy heard Casey tell Lee that Zanny had kidnapped Caylee and she hadn’t seen her for 31 days. Cindy’s worst nightmare. That was the first time she says she realized that something was wrong. Cindy screams at her what do you mean you haven’t seen Caylee? Casey said she was afraid to tell them and Cindy called 911 again. Casey gets on the phone with 911 and she was pretty calm. George came home during the call and Cindy blurts out that Caylee was missing for a month. Casey was cuffed in driveway and yet she continued to lie about Caylee.

George and Cindy confront Casey in jailhouse interview. Cindy wants Casey to look into her eyes. Cindy wanted to see if she was telling the truth. Cindy tells her the whole country is looking for Caylee to find her, and Casey says she hopes we can. Cindy was trying to get information from Casey about Caylee’s whereabouts. There was talk that maybe she had Caylee hidden from Cindy on purpose. George wanted answers from her when she was released. Casey stuck to her story about Zanny. They still thought that Casey was keeping her child away from them. But, Casey gets a tattoo that says beautiful life and entering a hot body contest. Cindy defends Casey saying her mood was subdued. Dr. Phil says he sees a woman who made a conscious decision to go to a bar and party days after having something to do with the dead of her child. George was upset about the celebrating. George also thinks Cindy is making excuses.

Cindy tells the reason why Casey acted the way she did. Casey had a grand mal seizure and that is what she thinks caused her behavior. Dr. Phil says she is an unconscionable psychopath, she had something to do with her death and disposing of the body. Dr. Phil says Cindy wants to think Casey is a victim of an illness of some kind. Dr. Phil gives her a long list of bad behaviors, highly unstable behaviors. The seizure was in 2007, and Dr. Phil asks of they found anything and a year in a half later she has another seizure and nothing was found. Cindy is concerned about what caused the seizures. No one has ever heard these things before, why did Cindy sit on this explanation?

Dr. Phil says Cindy is looking for any reason possible to excuse Casey of any wrong doing. Part two airs tomorrow. I’m just glad Dr. Phil wasn’t going easy on them and asked all the probing questions necessary.

That was the long and short of today’s interview. I had to watch it after following the case for so long and especially after the verdict. I think Dr. Phil did his best to get some answers. Tomorrow he will be digging for more information. Too bad none of this will ever bring Caylee back.

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