Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Talk, Julie Chen, CBS

A while ago I wrote a blog about the changes on The Talk. They were eliminating Leah Remini and Holly Pete Robinson from the show. I was shocked, but just reported what I read and reacted to it. However, since then, I did another search to get the “facts” and what I found out made me peeved. Now let me say I was not a huge fan of The Talk, I did watch it and got a few laughs. This is not about an obsessive fan who wants her hosts back. This is about my sense of right and wrong and how this was all so mishandled and unprofessional.  I woke up pissed and here is why.

Here is what I learned. Leah and Holly worked with the other co-hosts to create the Talk. They put their hearts into developing it along with the other women. When the season ended, they did not have a clue they would not be coming back or replaced. Suddenly, they find out, along with everyone else, that they were not going to be “asked back” which is a nice way of saying they were fired. They were given no explanation and neither were viewers. When season two started, there was absolutely no mention of either of them not being there or why they were gone. The audience was just supposed to accept it and move on. And many fans have NOT moved on! They have started Facebook pages in protest and trying to get Leah and Holly a new show. To be honest, Leah, Holly and Sharon Osborn is what made the show good and funny. Now they have Sarah Gilbert, who without Leah is as dry as toast. They have Julie Chen, who if she was disliked before, is now detested. They have Sharon who just announced she was taking a 3 week vacation till October (and I hope she doesn’t come back at all). Two new people were added and I think they are no match for Leah and Holly.

What do I think was behind this debacle? Julie Chen. Why would she sabotage a successful show and get rid of two of the people attracting viewers? Jealousy. Leah and Holly were getting attention, attention that she wanted for herself. Julie is not likable. She puts people off. She has control issues. She is full of herself. Also, Leah and Holly are much prettier than Julie Chen. Julie Chen is insecure. They hired two women who are clearly not as beautiful as Leah and Holly to replace them. Coincidence?

Maybe if her husband wasn’t Leslie Moonves, president of CBS, it would be her ass out of the show. But no, it’s two of the popular hosts that were not asked back. One has to ask, what kind of business decision is that? Maybe Les needs to consider retirement? Who shoots themselves in the foot by ruining a popular show? CBS does.

Why am I upset? I am upset at the way they handled the whole situation. Leah and Holly deserved to be treated better than that for all their hard work. They are the ones who launched the show and got the viewers to tune in. They helped make it was it was and for their trouble, they were stabbed in the back? Not even the courtesy to discuss the decision ahead of time and give them a heads up before it hit the media. Blindsided by the people they considered to be friends? I have been also following some of Leah’s tweets. Leah has said that she has NOT heard from anyone except Holly. She must be hurt. She and Sarah Gilbert appeared to be good friends. And what about Sharon Osborn? She is miss independent, I don’t care what anyone thinks, this is my opinion Sharon. You would think she would have picked up the phone and offered some comfort to her costars. That is what bothers me. The backstabbing of the network and Julie Chen, and the lack of communication on the part of Sarah and Sharon with their “friends.” Can you imagine how much that must have hurt? And yet both Holly and Leah are handling the situation with grace and class. And how can they not? If they defend themselves and speak up against CBS they could be hurting their own careers. They just have to accept what was done and move on. However, I am not accepting it. I chimed in with some of these Facebook pages to help spread the word. I called CBS and voiced my discontent. I do not appreciate how these women were treated and I have nothing invested in them or the show. It’s just about my sense of fair play, ethics, decency; none of which was shown by CBS and Julie Chen. There is no way they can right this wrong. They are just waiting for people to forget about Leah and Holly and hope they can save the show. Julie Chen is not enough to save the show. People will not forget.

CBS and Julie Chen owe everyone an explanation for this situation. They were not acting in the best interest of the show or CBS with this change. Maybe stockholders should be calling old Les and asking WTH was he thinking? It’s their money he is playing with. He strokes his wife’s super ego at their expense, at our expense at Leah and Holly’s expense?

Shame on you Sarah Gilbert for not even calling your “friends.” Shame on you Sharon Osborn, you are outspoken on all things except this, which you know was wrong. Julie Chen, maybe it’s time you packed your bags and got evicted from the Big CBS House? If we took a vote today, America would send you packing and bring back Leah and Holly. And Les, big shame on you for allowing your personal life to interfere with your professional life and your responsibility to your network. I hope CBS has it’s EYE on you!



    I am DISGUSTED with what happened and immediately removed it from my DVR. I have heard the new show is BORING and DRY. Hope it shrivels up and blows away.

  2. Hi! Glad you agree. We have started a Facebook page called Leah and Holly Live. Please join us there where we are supporting the ladies and trying to get them their own show. Numbers Talk! Hope to see you there!

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  4. gee Whites, Hispanics, and Negroids get plenty of nose jobs too more than asians. They do boob jobs, eyebrow lifts, and eyelids surgery as well. I think the real jealous person is the author(s) of this article. I believe this article is written by Leah and Holly plus their relatives.
    People get fire all the time and that is how it is. Life isn't fair, but personal attacks is tasteless.