Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr. Phil Interviews The Anthony’s - Part 3 Recap

Dr. Phil has more questions. Casey was reported to want another baby and he asks if they think that’s a good idea. Cindy says not until they find out what might be wrong with her, a hormonal trigger of some kind. Lee is about to get married and they hope to be grandparents again. Cindy says she feels comfortable with Casey babysitting their baby. George says that would be up to Lee and his wife. Even though Cindy thinks something is seriously wrong with Casey and she thinks she could baby sit another child. She doesn’t think that Casey is evil and would let anything happen to another child. She thinks Casey would be extra cautious. Dr. Phil is stunned that Cindy would leave Casey alone with another child.

They were aware during the trial, that anything they said could get Casey the death penalty. They say they were prepared to tell the truth regardless of the outcome. They answered all the specific questions asked of them. Baez called in Cindy for a private meeting alone, without George. She says Casey wanted her to know something.  Baez told her Casey wanted her to know how Caylee died. That’s when he told her Caylee drowned in the pool. Cindy couldn’t believe that Casey put them all through this, for three years, without saying anything. Cindy asks “why now?” Baez wanted to tell her sooner, but Casey said no. Then, when it was going to be used at trial, Casey wanted Cindy to be the first to know. George thinks they were playing on Cindy’s emotions the whole time (Baez and Casey) George says he never believed anything the defense has told them. He feels he wasn’t asked to the meeting because he wouldn’t believe it. They wanted to get Cindy on board with their story.

Dr. Phil asks when the first time George hears he molested Casey. He says he read it in a letter and he realizes the defense was coming after him. Dr. Phil says the defense learned through the social media that George wasn’t liked so he was a likely target to cause reasonable doubt. They used the molestation theory to explain away Casey’s lies. They played the tapes of Baez describing sexual molestation of Casey by George. It was in the opening statement and the parents were not allowed to have any reaction when listening to it. George says he never touched her inappropriately and Cindy believes it. The defense theory was not truthful. If that defense theory of molestation contributed to the acquittal then the acquittal was wrong. Cindy thinks they acquitted Casey because the state did not prove their case. Dr. Phil pushes Cindy, if she knows for a fact that George never hurt Casey. She says absolutely, she would have killed him herself or turned him in. A week after they found out Caylee drowned, the defense told her they were going to use molestation in the case. The accidental drowning didn’t make any sense. George would have given her resuscitation and called 911 and not gone to work that day. Cindy saw George dying inside every day.  She is convinced he did not have anything to do with any drowning.

Dr. Phil thinks the jury was duped by the drowning theory. Cindy thinks Baez had to try to pin it on someone else to create reasonable doubt. George became his fall guy. Dr. Phil says the two major parts of the defense were misinformation, the molestation and George being part of the drowning, but Cindy believes that duping them was not an issue it was more the fact there was not enough evidence. George could not believe that Casey was not going to serve time for Caylee’s death. She wasn’t going to be held accountable. He wanted to hear a guilty to one of the charges. Cindy was praying for all three not guilty and was elated when she heard she was acquitted. Cindy thinks George wanted her to pay for hurting him and for all the lies. George says no he wanted her accountable for what happened to Caylee. One was disappointed and one was relieved. George says Casey can have a relationship with her mother and brother. His relationship will never be more than what it is now.

Dr. Phil keeps calling Cindy out on her string of denials. He asks her about whether she perjured herself on the stand or not. So he gets to the chloroform searches. She says she did a Google search that on the home computer. However, the expert says the search was made while Cindy was at work. Cindy says she was home and she made the searches. But her employer said she was at work. People think she lied. She says she looked up chlorophyll and it went to chloroform. She was looking up chlorophyll because her dog was eating plants and the dog might get sick. Dr. Phil tells her a large portion of the public believes she lies and she swears she did not. Cindy says the expert came back to recant his testimony.  There weren't 84 searches as he said, but one search. And if he was wrong about the number of searches he could be wrong about the date of the search.

Cindy has heard from Casey indirectly through her attorney that she loves all of them and when the time is right they will meet again.

Casey is one of the most criticized hated people in the country right now. Cindy says a lot of that is directed at her and George. Cindy wants her to get treatment and move on with her life with a career and a family. If she showed up on their front porch tomorrow would they let her come home. Lee and Cindy would find a place for her. She could not live with George, she would not be welcomed if he is there. Cindy would not expect him to live with Casey. Cindy understands how he feels. Dr. Phil thinks if given time Casey will mess up again and they think they will be ok…they are working on Caylee’s Law requires reporting of missing child or death in timely manner.


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