Sunday, August 14, 2011

911 And First Responders!

Excuse me if I am a little more than riled up this morning! I have come to learn that 911 First Responders will NOT be invited to this year’s 911 ceremony. Why? Because there isn’t enough room for them! All of the victims families will be allowed to attend. First Responders will be given a separate ceremony at a later date, it’s reported that there were approximately 91,000 First Responders. Those are the facts…now I vent.

You know what? No one told First Responders that there wasn’t enough room for them when they risked their lives to save others! No one told them there wasn’t room for them as they inhaled all that debris, which has caused some to died and others to become ill (some terminally). No one told the first responders who became ill that they would have to wait years for medical coverage and payments for their related disabilities. In fact, not long ago I heard that studies done on the debris from the site, was not harmful! There is no way in hell I am going to believe that. Now there is no room for them?

There was room for a new mosque near the site of 911. The very people who brought down the Twin Towers might have been funding it. No one has gotten any answers as far as I know. They were asked to build it elsewhere out of respect for the feelings of the victims and residents of the city. They refused, insisting it had to be built at a location that looks out over Ground Zero. There is room for a mosque, but not for First Responders?

I am just frustrated and exasperated. It seems as though nothing ever decided is “right.” It just may be my opinion, but surely someone has to see my logic. It’s always the same in this country. Those that are victims have no rights and those that commit crimes against society have to have their rights protected. When does it end? Are these First responders to be thrown a bone by creating a separated ceremony for them? It’s an insult and a disgrace they way they have been treated for all these years and now this?

There was room there for all of them on 911. There was room for all the victims under the rumble, many of whom were saved by these rescue workers. Now, there is no room, how sad are we as a society to allow things like this to happen. And good luck trying to get anyone to respond if there ever is another attack. Why the hell would they?


  1. Here is a copy of the message I sent to New York's Heartless Mayor Bloomberg this morning:
    Your Honor,
    I think it is a travesty the way that you and your offices are treating the First Responders to the WTC site. To not invite them is one insult, but to tell them that they are not welcome or allowed to attend at all, is a slap in the face to everyone who risked thier lives to try and help on that terrible day. As a former firefighter, EMT, and Emergency Room Worker, I find your lack of sensitivity to those that risked thier lives to save others appalling and disgraceful. One question, were you at Ground Zero immediately afterwards risking YOUR life to go into the fray and try and save others? I doubt it.
    Shame on you Mayor Bloomberg. How can any human being be so callous and heartless?

  2. I could not agree with you more JC and DC! If there was enough room for them there to save lives there should be enough room for them now to honor their heroic efforts. It's disgraceful! And the way first responders have been treated regarding their medical conditions and still not recieving compensation for illnesses is totally unforgivable. Why would anyone show up if we are attacked again?