Monday, August 22, 2011

Sick Of Bad News!

I am really sick of bad news. I barely open my eyes in the morning and there is always something dreadful going on with someone I care about. First I get an email from my brother. There is another flood in his condo. He has only live there 3 years and spent $50,000 to renovate it. He has had two other serious floods before, for other reasons. This time it sounds like the water main is backing up. The building manager is away until the end of the month. I feel so bad for him. He waited his whole life to get his own place and it’s been so stressful.

Then I check my face book. One friend has a pregnancy scare, but seems to be fine now. Another friend, and this is worst of all, writes her granddaughter is in the ER as of last night and has encephalitis. She asks her friends to pray for her. I ask my friends to pray as well, you can’t have too many prayers. There has been no update today on her condition. I am worried sick. Such a beautiful young girl. This came on suddenly with a headache and nausea. How the hell does this happen?

I can’t even remember a “perfect day” when nothing goes wrong any more. No wonder I have so much anxiety. Was it always like this and I just never noticed? Or is this the way of the future? I’m sorry, but it’s just getting to be too much sometimes, especially the health issues. We don’t always have control over those and they are not always “fixable.” All we can do is pray. Now I am going to get back to praying and I hope all who read this say a prayer for Kendra today. Thank you.

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