Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ah Michele Bachmann!

There is never a shortage of things to blog about when you look into the world of politics is there? I have heard about Michele Bachmann throwing her hat into the Presidential ring, but I haven’t paid much attention to what she has to say…so far. But, it’s come to my attention that on Tuesday, August 16th, she started off one of her speeches in South Carolina, by wishing Elvis a Happy Birthday on the 34th anniversary of his death. Yes, she is just another politician who just can’t get her facts straight. This was something so simple to look up that a five year old could do it.

You have to wonder what kind of fact checkers she has on her staff? This was part of a written speech, she wasn’t just shooting from the hip, like some other female candidate we won’t mention today. I have to get her direct quote in here now:

“Before we get started, let’s all say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elvis Presley today. We played you a little bit of ‘Promised Land’ when we pulled up. You can’t do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started to celebrating Take Our Country Back tour.”Elvis was actually born on January 8th. The crowd tried to correct her, but she admirably went on with her speech, with egg on her face, because the “show” must go on. It even looks worse than it sounds in the video below!

Maybe if this was her first mistake, we might be able to overlook it. Campaigning is a long and hard ordeal, day in and day out. I am sure it’s tiring and stressful at times. Mistakes will be made. But what else has Michele said? Well, in kicking off her campaign, she referred to Waterloo, Iowa, the hometown of actor John Wayne when it is actually the hometown of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Another fact that could have easily been checked to avoid embarrassment.

These kind of mistakes do no inspire much confidence in her, at least not for me, but they sure do get plenty of media attention and headlines. Still, I’m not so sure I would want to become well known based on my gaffes. As far as I am concerned, those are the only two things I have heard from her since she got her campaign off the ground. And you know what? “I’m All Shook Up!”

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