Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dr. Phil Interviews Casey Anthony Parents?

Ok this is either a practical joke or someone wants to ruin my birthday! The article says they will appear on the Dr. Phil show next month, Spetember 12th! I have a sudden and enormous headache! I am sick to my stomach, and yet not surprised. Dr. Phil is an exploitive snake in the grass! Pft, pft, pft!

Cindy and George are going to discuss the public scrutiny they have been under during Casey’s murder trial. The show is not paying them for their interview…BIG DEAL. Dr. Phil wants to give them a chance to tell their side of the story. How big of him? After all they suffered from the death of their granddaughter and then went under a public attack. Maybe that has something to do with all their lying and covering up for Casey? The Anthonys feel there is no better place on earth to break their silence than with Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil says he looks them in the eye and asks some tough questions…same old BS, different day. Dr. Phil said they granted him the interview in exchange for a donation to Caylee’s Fund which was created to promote and eduate the public about grandparents’ rights.

Can I be more disappointed and disgusted with Dr. Phil? Yes, I can. Yes, I am. The stories are all over the internet, but basically state what I have written above. Let me know what you think? Has Dr. Phil done it again? I hope people boycott that September 12th show…I am boycotting all of them!

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