Friday, August 26, 2011

The World Is Topsy Turvy

For years I have noticed that nothing in this world makes any sense.  Nothing.  If you think a possible outcome of of something is right or just, you can bet your boots the opposite will happen.  I have just too many examples running through my mind.  I am just going to vent about this latest story I read and then mention a few other situations that made me sick.

Jeremy Hill, an Idaho father, was taking a shower when he heard daogs barking and kids screaming in his backyard.  He ran down to see three grizzly bears in his back yard and got a gun and shot one of the bears to death.  The other two ran away.  he then reported the incident to the athorities and now he could be facing jail time. He was trying to protect his family and now is facing federal criminal charges.  For what?  Killing an endangered species!  He faces up to a year in prison and a $50,000 fine.  The governor of idaho wrote to President Obama on Hill's behalf.  To add to the lunacy, Hill has to prove that the bears were an imminent threat to the lives of his children and not just "grazing" on his property!  His trial is schuduled for October 4th!

Now, consider that OJ got away with murdering two people despite all the evidence?  Casey Anthony got away with killing her baby girl.  First responders, who risked their on lives on 911, are not being invited to the tenth anniversary ceremony.  Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to house arrest where she has parties and never follows through with court ordered community service.  Somewhere, people are trying to decriminalize pedophilia and lable it a "condition."  The list goes on and on and on.  Where does it end?  It never ends.  Everyday there is something new to add to the list.  Common sense doesn't exist and we are now in Alice in Wonderland's world.  Nothing makes sense and if you think it does, just open up your daily newspaper or check online for recent news and I'll bet there is another story for you to shake your head at.

I really hope Jeremy Hill doesn't have to go to trial.  What if he hadn't had a gun?  What of the barking dogs had spooked the bears?  There were three bears and three children in his yard.  Should he have waited for one or all of them to be mauled?  He didn't exactly have time to think about different options at the time, did he?   I give up.  The world has gone mad.  Tomorrow is another peeve!

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