Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pedophilia in Hollywood?

I came across this interesting interview of Cory Feldman.  I'm not a fan of his or know much about him, but I found his interview compelling.  He talks about the widespread abuse of pedophiles in the industry to child stars.  He sounds very sincere and honest about this well kept secret.  And why shouldn't I believe him?  The very same thing, on a much much larger scale, was going on in the Catholic Church and "no one" knew about it or talked about it.  I'm sure it's still going on today.  Maybe they have gotten better at covering their tracks?  But every once in a while a story will get out to the media that it's still happening.

So, why not Hollywood?  It's totally plausible.  It would explain part of the reason why so many child stars turn to drugs (besides the lifestyle).  Hopefully, the media will take this ball and run with it.  Maybe they can uncover who the abusers are. 

This is a sick world we are living in.  Everywhere you turn you hear of bad things happening.  No place is safe.  This is a time when parents need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting their children from just about everyone.  I don't want to sound paranoid, but can you be too safe when it comes to your kids?  Just this week a couple, using a nannycam, caught their nanny abusing a six month old infant because he was crying.  She actually kicked the baby!  We are hearing so many more stories of teachers molesting students.  Where does it end? 

See what you think of Cory's interview.

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