Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Earthquake…

I felt the earth move yesterday…but not the way I wanted to. Yesterday the east coast experienced a 6.0 earthquake. Some were pretty shook up by it as I expect it was worse in different places depending on where you were. I was sitting on my bed and suddenly it was vibrating. I was perplexed for a minute or two trying to find the source of this vibration. But when it stopped shortly thereafter, I just put it out of my mind. We have had ongoing construction for the past three years, to the houses on both sides of mine. I’ve learned to get used to noise and vibrations.

However, a few minutes later, I get an IM from my daughter. “Did you feel the earthquake?” she asks. I immediately reply, “No, what earthquake?” The seconds later a light bulb goes off in my head…unexplained the vibration! I change my answer to yes and put on the news. They talked about it for at least three hours before the regular two hours of evening news started. We are not used to earthquakes on the east coast, this is something to talk about. But where is this going to end?

This is what I know about my neck of the woods. Growing up in NYC we have had our share of snowstorms, blizzards and hurricanes. That is our “bad” weather. That is how it’s been over 50 years. But, the past three years, give or take, we have had tornadoes with three thousand trees knocked down just in Queens, a recent hail storm with hail the size of baseballs damaging my car (50 dings and a cracked windshield) and now an earthquake. All of these new developments are just springing up without warning too. We are minding our own business and suddenly it’s announced we need to be careful of whatever…while the even is occurring..gee thanks. There is no time to prepare. We just are not used to these types of things happening here and frankly I don’t like it. The earthquakes shook up more than the ground, it shook up our nerves.

And another thing, it’s not like we get a pass on our previous bad weather. We didn’t trade in blizzards and hurricanes for tornadoes and hail. No! Instead we have added to our list of catastrophic weather conditions. In fact a hurricane is on its way as I type! I really wish someone would explain what is going on, because I need to know!

I hope everyone on the east coast made it through this event without loss of life, injury or too much damage. I am just worried about next time and who knows when that might be. For all we claim to know about everything under the sun, we never seem to know the answers for what is really important.

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