Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nice Surprises!

Well, I have been having a string of bad surprises, some I have already blogged about, some I was too tired to blog about. I’ll some up the last week for you here. There was the hail storm, with hail as big as baseballs, which put two cracks in the windshield of the car while my husband was going to pick up my daughter. It lasted about 30 minutes and put at least 50 dings/dents all over the car. Then there was the identity theft scare, courtesy of Best Buy, who may have mixed up the name of a guy in Virginia with my husband’s, making us think someone took out a Visa card and purchased a TV with it. After 90 minutes of phone calls, we think it was an error. After that I wake up and discover there is no service in my cell phone area for outgoing and incoming calls. I only pay $200 a month for the damn plan so why should I complain? Oh yeah and yesterday I had a fight at the fish store. The guy didn’t want to weigh my fish so I could see if there was enough there for my husband’s dinner (there’s a blog for that)!

So my energy is depleted. I am tired of battling nature, the credit bureaus, the phone company and fish mongers. I go downstairs to start dinner and stop to check to see if we got mail first. There, behind my door, is a box. I’m thinking great! My daughter’s textbook came early and I would have to call about it. But, this box is really too big for a textbook. So I take a look at the name. It’s from a friend online. She writes a note thanking me for me friendship and I didn’t even do anything. So, I take my box to the kitchen and open it up. Inside is a beautiful basket! It has pears, crackers, lemon cookies, caramel corn, and cheddar cheese. I am so delighted. I love baskets of assorted things. I should mention, I am not used to getting packages or surprises. I rarely get anything, my family never knows what to get me. It’s not really their fault. They try, I know they do. But that is just the way it is. So, needless to say that on top of the week I had and considering I don’t often get gifts, this was such a thoughtful, totally unexpected and welcomed surprise. I actually forgot every bad thing that happened prior to that moment!

I hurried back to the computer and write a thank you note. But sometimes those two words just don’t “cut it” when someone goes out of their way to do something this kind, out of the blue and for no reason. I am going to enjoy my goodies and try to maintain a positive outlook for a while. After all, what’s more important? A string of meaningless irritating events or a thoughtful gesture of someone who makes me feel appreciated and cared for just because I’m me?

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