Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mother Nature Can’t Be Blamed!

People are not taking “Global Warming” seriously enough. There are enough facts to prove that it’s happening and on top of that, even if you disregard the facts, no one can dispute that weather patterns everywhere are changing and mostly for the worse. Never have we heard of so many tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes and all creating devastating consequences and happening more and more often. Last year, in Queens, NYC, we had a tornado that knocked down 3,000 trees! I didn’t even know we that many trees. And many of the ones left standing are a pretty sorry sight because of the trimming of branches that had fallen during the storm. We never had tornadoes here as far back as I can remember, but now we are always watching for them. Why?

Well, today I am peeved, but I can’t blame Mother Nature. Yesterday, my husband went to pick up my daughter. He left work at 3:30. The sun was shining. But, by the time he got to the next to the last exist on the parkway, there was thunder and big bolts of lightning. Then the hail started. Hail as big as golf balls, even baseballs. He called to tell me he would be late picking her up. He sounded scared and said he never saw anything like this before. I could hear the car being pounding in the background, and could only imagine what it must have felt like sitting in that car as the hail was hitting it. Traffic was moving very slowly. Then I get a call from my daughter. She tells me it’s so bad no one is leaving the lab and she heard from my husband. My husband told her he had to pull over to the side of the road because the windshield was shattered. I call him up to see if he is ok. He tells me again how bad it is and that he can’t go anywhere until it stops. The windshield is pretty bad, but fortunately it was mostly off to the passenger side and he can still see. Finally, the hail lets up and he can move again. He gets to my daughter and sees at least one other car with a shattered windshield in the lot.

All I can think of is that I pray they come home safe. This was an isolated storm that came out of nowhere and hit that particular location. The sun was shining here, just a few miles away. I thought about my mother’s instinct. My daughter should have been driving herself around yesterday, and for the past two weeks. But, my gut would not agree to it. I can’t bear to imagine her out in weather like that. Last time we had the tornado that knocked down all those trees, she happened to be driving from school. A 15 minute ride took her over an hour. I was panicked to no end. She wasn’t answering her phone and didn’t call me when she had the opportunity to tell me she was fine, but would be late. She was maneuvering around fallen trees and had to watch what the other, more experienced drivers, were doing. There was a lot of flooding then, and last night there was a lot of flooding too. My husband had to wait and watch to see where it was best to drive through because we have a tiny car. When he got home I looked at the car. The passenger side of the windshield had two spots where it was impacted by the hail. The rest of the car had about 50 dings all over it!

This morning I was ready to curse out Mother Nature. First we have the winter from hell, with so many storms and inches I lost count! And now, we have the summer from hell too! I wasn’t even complaining about the heat because it’s easier to deal with than snow and ice. But, despite 90 degree temperatures, my husband was pelted with ice the size of baseballs balls! Something here is just not right!

I think it has to do with Global Warming and if that is the case, then it’s not Mother nature’s fault, it’s ours.

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