Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disappointing Talk from “The Talk!”

I am so disappointed right now. I was just informed that Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Pete are not coming back to The Talk next season! The show is just a year old and it seemed there was great chemistry between all of the hosts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have made several comments about how Leah talks over everyone and dominates the show at times with her “Carrie Hefferin” personality. But, she was growing on me, she was toning herself down and she is damn funny! And as for Holly, there was nothing wrong with her at all. Who the hell are the executives making these judgment calls and what are they based on?

I found a couple of little tidbits of speculation for the departures. One suggests that Leah’s mom was in the audience everyday and often came on the set and refused to follow rules. She would not parked in her assigned parking space and was finally told not to park in the lot any more.

Another reason is that Julie Chen is too controlling and even told the women not to discuss the Casey Anthony case while she was on vacation.

“[Julie] said, ‘My husband feels strongly that you should not be talking about news [without me], you are not news people,’ ” our source told us. “Sharon just said, ‘I don’t know about this.’ She’d had enough. ”

“The ladies from The Talk are fed up with Julie Chen’s attitude. Apparently, when the Chenbot’s not around, the other ladies are not allowed to discuss anything that has to do with news because she’s the only one with a journalistic background. Rumor is that Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete are fed up and want to take Sharon Osbourne’s lead to leave the show. As of now, Sharon only said she was taking a break, so I don’t know what the deal is with the others…but it sounds like serious drama for the baby mommas!”

There are some who say Julie is the glue that holds the show together. Of course being the boss’s wife, you can get away with almost anything.

Well all I can say is this is just too bad. The chemistry between the hosts was terrific right off the bat. If this is all Chen’s doing then she just shot herself in the foot. Good luck finding women to step in and carry on!

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