Friday, August 5, 2011

Fish Market Argument!

I was too pissed to write this earlier, but I am getting a hold of myself and going to try to write this up without having a mini stroke. I buy my fish at the fish store. In my neighborhood we have little stores that specialize in things like butchers, fish store, fruit stores etc. I have had issues with the fish store before, after it changed owners. The woman told me one day that the crab cakes weren’t ready, I should come back later. Well I went back hours later, against my better judgment and she still didn’t have them! We may have had another incident too, I try not to remember these things for too long.

Today I went in for jumbo shrimp for my husband. They had about a dozen, but they belonged to someone else already. Someone had put in an order. So she asks me if I want the next size down. I say ok instead of 8 jumbo give me 12 of those large ones. So there is a guy cleaning shrimp and he tells her to take 12 of those and to charge me $7.50. I ask her if she can weigh the shrimp for me because I need to know if 12 is enough for my husband’s dinner. The man takes a fit. He tells me 11 shrimp is half a pound. I tell him yes but I need to know if that will be enough for dinner. He tells her forget it don’t give them to her she doesn’t understand! I tell him I DO understand. The shrimp weigh more uncleaned, I am not questioning that. You don’t understand, I want to know if there is enough for my husband to get full on. As it turned out the 12 shrimp were less than ½ pound and I got two crab cakes to make sure I had enough fish for dinner.

Now I am pissed! The woman tried to make him understand what I meant. He is going to argue with me like I am implying he is cheating me on the money when all I needed to know was how much 12 shrimp weighed. What ever happened to the day when the customer was always right? That’s what I want to know. And this store isn’t exactly packed wit customers either. Fish is too expensive for most people in this economy. They used to have so much more fish in the store and now it’s down to the bare minimum. If there was another store nearby I would not think twice about never going there again. I really need to find another place for fish.

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