Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lifetime Bans Me From Posting about Russian Dolls!

I have a new peeve that I just discovered. You all must know by now that I am helping my daughter get a new blog going on Lifetime’s new show Russian Dolls. Sorry for all the statuses about that, but anyway it’s been about 2 weeks now and we are getting a decent amount of hits every day. Since it takes Google a while to acknowledge a new site exists, I have been posting our blogs on the Lifetime face book pages: Russian Dolls, Brighton Beach, and Lifetime itself. This not only promotes the blog, but the show as well.

Well, I got a new blog up this morning and made my usual rounds to the Facebook pages only to find I have been blocked and unliked by the Brighton Beach and Lifetime pages. I am just waiting for the Russian Dolls to block me as well. Apparently, Lifetime doesn’t want me advertising my blog on their pages, even if I do advertise their show for them at the same time. I might be sympathetic to their cause IF they advertised their own show, but they seem to be slacking in that department. Yesterday, four major media sources, who got sneak previews, wrote that the show was awful, torture even. These four sources, for those of you who live in NYC are NY Daily News, Newsday, New York Times, and New York Magazine. So you would think, under the circumstances and with the show premiering tonight, that they would encourage me to post about it and bring attention to the show.

I am not sure what their strategy is. They spent a year and a half developing this concept. The show was promoted as being the Russian Jersey Shore. But, because Lifetime has older women who watch their network, they included three generations in Russian Dolls. Some of the women are housewives too. The long and short of it is this: the show is a mash up of the Khardashians, the Real Housewives and Jersey Shore. From the sound of it, and by that I mean the reviewers, it stinks! So does the fact that Lifetime banned me from posting on two of their three pages.

I wish them luck with their show, which premieres tonight AGAINST Jersey Shore! Lots of luck, because they will need it. Oh, and I am going to keep blogging until I am the number one blog on Russian Dolls too! I’ll tell you why, these shows depend on bloggers to keep the interest of the fans going, because they do not promote them enough themselves. It’s expensive to promote shows and we do it for nothing. Let’s see what happens in a month from now. Maybe they will come knocking on my door? We only started this blog 2 weeks ago and already have over 2,000 hits. Let’s see how many viewers the show gets.

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