Friday, August 19, 2011

Dr. Phil Does It Again!

"I'm slick, but not that slick!"

You may recall I recently wrote a blog that Dr. Phil is interviewing Casey Anthony’s parent, but not paying them. Well I am going to tell you what a friend just passed along to me and I will paste the link for you to read in it’s entirety. I am so peeved over this, it’s just not funny.

According to this source, Dr. Phil agreed to make a donation to the “Caylee Foundation” in exchange for the interview. This article claims, and I happen to believe it, that the Anthony’s take 80% of the donations made to the foundation and keep it for themselves for administrative expenses! There are links provided for notifying Dr. Phil that we know they are taking the money from the foundation so he IS indirectly paying them and we are not stupid. Neither is Dr. Phil. He knows exactly what he is doing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is behind their setting up a foundation.

This family is very shady. They are liars. Poor Caylee’s memory is going to be used to make them rich now? Her mother, Casey will be writing a book and you can bet she will be interviewed and a movie made about this story. Her grandparents set up a foundation with them as Presidents and even Lee is on the board. And throw in Dr. Phil, who will exploit a good news story to death to add to his massive wealth. He will help to make them profit off the death of that poor baby, Caylee. Not one of them has a conscience. I am too aggravated for all the details, but the link is below if you feel you want to know everything.

By the way, I wrote to Phil and told him what I thought. Just having them on the show is appalling!

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