Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Is Coming!

Projected Path To New York City!

Well I have written about a recent Hail Storm, a few months ago we had a tornado, this week we had an earthquake, so how can I leave out Irene? She hasn’t gotten here yet, but she is all I have heard about the last couple of days. I hear she is headed up the northeast coast and due to arrive Saturday night and all day Sunday. Right now she is a category 4, but she may simmer down to a category 2 by the time she visits NY.

Hurricanes, or the tale ends of them are typical of our weather. I should say used to be typical, because nothing is predictable any more. I hesitate to believe the weathermen and their reports because they like to sensationalize the weather as much as tabloids and the paparazzi like to make something out of nothing with celebrities. But, times are changing and I don’t know if anyone knows or can predict what is ever going to happen any more.

The “hurricanes” that used to hit here were basically just heavy rains and wind. Nothing that would make the news. Now I’m not so sure. The weather trends are actually giving me anxiety. Last fall I walked around my neighborhood looking at all the fallen trees, huge trees that just keeled over. There were a lot of them. It looked like a war zone. I am seeing a lot of things I never saw before and they are all happening within months, weeks and even days of each other. The only think I cam be fairly sure of is that we will not experience volcano erupting. As far as I know, there are none in our proximity. Everything else seems to be possible.

I guess I will keep abreast of the news and just hope the track of it changes so it misses our area altogether. But, it’s still three days or less away, and I hate listening to the weathermen loving the moment because it puts them in the spotlight. Oh well, I guess I have complained enough for now. Let’s hope I don’t have to blog about Irene on Monday. I just want to say “Good Night, Irene, Good Night!”

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