Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Cancelled, Big Surprise!

I watched enough episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 to see what a shrew Kate was all the time. I get the fact that having 8 kids is more than a full time job, but her husband quit his job to be there to help her, along with her television staff. Kate claims she was doing it all for her family, and her kids. But, her own brother and sister-in-law said otherwise. Kate complained about everything and everything had to go her way. She was a control freak, who abused and emasculated Jon every televised moment. I can only imagine how she treated him when the cameras were off. Can this really be good for her children?

It became obvious there was tremendous pressure on the “marriage” if you can call it that. The way she treated him, you would have thought he was one of the kids. She bossed him around, barking out orders and then complain about how he did everything.

I guess Jon got fed up, but still he wanted to go for marriage counseling. After all they had 8 children to think about. However, it was Kate that practically told him to get lost. She wasn’t interested in working on the marriage, she was interesting in working on her career in the entertainment industry. So what if she has to exploit her own children to accomplish that. Jon and Kate Plus 8 came to an end, but Kate managed to get Kate Plus 8 to take its place eventually. And, Jon is no longer there for her to blame everything on. She has sole custody of the children (I can’t imagine why) and Jon sees them when he can (is allowed). Now Kate Plus 8 is cancelled. Why? There are lots of good reasons why viewers can no longer stomach Kate…let us count the ways!

The show started out with a whole family, Kate broke up the successful “formula” that kept them on the air, by getting rid of Jon. Jon only gets to see his kids about four days a month. And he while he is still their father, that doesn’t stop Kate from badmouthing him every chance she gets. And, even though it says PLUS 8, Kate likes to monopolize her new show and make it all about her. In fact it’s always about Kate!

I’ve had enough of Kate. I did after watching the first few minutes of an episode a couple of years ago. I can’t imagine why anyone would like such an obnoxious person. I wish other shows would just stop having her on so she can get back to mothering her children. She wanted them, but now she travels to enhance her career like Dancing With The Stars and so many other things, anything at all, that keeps her away from home. Her kids are having problems in school, they are having behavior problems, where is Kate? She is worried about her appearance: hair extensions, abs, spray tan you name it.

I would love it if we never hear another word about Kate or from Kate!

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