Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogging Almost A Year…

What have I learned? I learned that I don’t necessarily have as many complaints as I thought I did. I thought a “peeves” blog was ideal for me because I am always complaining about something and yet, ironically, people always tell me how positive a person I am. I am my own enigma! At first it was easy, I had a list of things that irked me and I could vent about each other. And in between those, things happen in life to give me more material to write about. Of course, politicians never fail to do something that gets under my skin. I don’t even going looking for things about them, they just seem to fall into my lap. There are certain “entertainers” that annoy me to no end. And let’s not forget injustice, lack of common sense, and sheer stupidity that cannot be ignored.

I was running out of material in my personal life, thank God. But, then I realized there is so much more out there that makes my head spin. It just feels good to get things off my chest without have to plague anyone by making them listen to it. And, I also find writing very therapeutic for me.

Meanwhile, I started this blog promising to write for a year, like the book Julie and Julia. I was supposed to write a blog a day, but unfortunately I think a day or two went by when I didn’t because of writer’s block. I have to at least feel something about a topic to write about it. I’m not sure what I am going to do comes the end of September. Should I continue or not? I did eventually make up for the missing blogs, I think, with a couple of extras that could not wait for the next day. We’ll see on September 30th if I have 365 blogs or not.

Meanwhile, I seem to be peeve free this morning! But the day is young yet so if something aggravates me I will be back to rant and vent. Until then, I wish you all a great day!

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