Monday, August 8, 2011

Mammogram Day!

It’s time for my annual mammogram, ugh! It’s so easy to forget about going or put it off…indefinitely, but we can’t do that. Early detection makes breast cancer very treatable. If you already have a history of cancer, like I do, it’s all the more important to have it done.

I try to schedule it around my birthday. For one reason, I can’t forget about it that way. For another reason, and most important, it’s a “gift” to myself. An ounce of prevention yadda yadda yadda is worth a pound of cure. In this case, a few minutes of my time is well worth it if it saves me months of treatment, and quite possibly my life.

Yes the test is uncomfortable, but it’s fairly quick. The way I look at it, it gives me peace of mind for one whole year. If you notice, on the television, radio, magazines, they all mention breast cancer. It makes me paranoid. I start imagining symptoms I don’t have sometimes. It’s just better to have it done and know for sure everything is ok.

I know, being a mother, that we always put ourselves last because we are tending to everyone else’s needs. No one understands that as long as one of our loved ones needs something, we bump ourselves down on the list to take care of it. I do that all the time. But, one day I was forced to realize, what if I wasn’t there any more? Who was going to be the voice of reason, the one with common sense, the one with intuition and the ability to anticipate needs before they arise? That’s when I decided I need to take care of myself and be around as long as possible, to get my family through this chaotic, maze of life. Part of that is going for annual exams, like today.

So I may be a little sore and cranky, so what? I’ll get over it. It’s worth one year’s peace of mind to me to have one less thing to worry about. How about you bump yourselves up the list today and make an appointment? I’d like to know how many of you are OVERDUE! Don’t be shy…post it!

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