Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Politician Bares All!

A Public Service Announcement!

A new trend among politicians is to send out nude photos of themselves. Weiner opened the gate and now all the weiners are trying to get out. The latest weiner (and then some) comes from Freehold, New Jersey from Louis Magazzu, a Democratic congressman of seven years. Leaving nothing at all to the imagination AND learning nothing at all from the Anthony Weiner fiasco, Lou sends out a full frontal nudity picture of himself to a woman he corresponded with. Apparently Lou learned one thing from Weiner, he decided to step down one day after the media got hold of his pictures instead of denying it, or making up a hacking incident.

Magazzu, 53, has five children and is separated from his wife. The pictures were revealed on a blog following the politician. The woman herself contacted the blog first, but the owner told her to go to the media. When the media wasn’t interested, the owner of the blog decided to publish the photos.

The picture shows more than I care to post so check here if you are interested:

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